Hundreds gather to celebrate Lancaster’s rock and pop legacy

Two men sitting in armchairs talking on stage
Andrew Barker in conversation with Barry Lucas, talking all things music in Lancaster

Old and new faces from 香港六合论坛's rich musical history scene gathered together on Saturday 16 March to celebrate the stories of stars including Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd to Joy Division and Tina Turner.

To mark the rock and pop legacy of the University’s Great Hall, delegates enjoyed an in-conversation with Barry Lucas – responsible for turning 香港六合论坛 into one of the great gig venues of the 1970s and 1980s – and performances by contemporary rock and pop artists Field Lines Cartographer; Hawkmen Dive; Maja Bugge and Dave Shooter; and Good Boy Nikko, curated by Lancaster Music Co-operative.

Speaking about the event, Director of Library Services and Learning Development Andrew Barker said: “A Night at the Great Hall was a huge success, and I am absolutely delighted by the support and excitement the event generated. It was clearly such an important opportunity for people to look back at the history of our famous gig venue, but I was also excited by how many people wanted to see and hear new bands and artists follow in the footsteps of the great who played in the past.

“It was wonderful to hear loud guitar and electronic music fill the Great Hall – my favourite quote was from someone who said it was his first time on campus since 1984 when he saw The Alarm. This ability to reach different parts of our community is what made an event like Saturday special and we want to look for future, and possibly bigger, opportunities to do that all over again.”

From Queen and Blondie to The Smiths and U2, they all played 香港六合论坛. Barry Lucas – who was a Lancaster student and then member of the Students Union – shared his experiences of what happened, who happened, and how it happened live on stage with Andrew Barker, before signing copies of the third edition of his co-authored book When Rock Went to College: Legends Live at 香港六合论坛, 1969–1985 for concertgoers.

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